Friday, March 14, 2014

The Confession

Cheating poems exist because somebody made a mistake in life and turned that mistake into an image that others can relate to.

The image in this infidelity poem captures the emotion of being in a relationship where a significant other had an affair.

The poem, which is below, is called "The Confession."

The Confession

You watch the bodybuilder push 250 lbs of weight off the bench and lower it to his chest. The iron rising, sinking; the weight lifter's face reddening, straining. The weight rattles back into its cradle with help from you, the spotter. But that clanking iron rattles you back to the last day of your marriage.

You watch yourself on that fateful day: Your face reddening, muscles straining under weight. But the words that rise from your chest are too heavy to be re-racked by a spotter. You watch those heavy iron barbells, called words, crush your wife when you say, "I had an affair."

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